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Computers and Information technology workshop

Introduction to computers, new technology and the online world.
Friendly One to one tuition in your home or office using your own computer or device.

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Digital Workshop

I will show you how to operate your camera and how to process all your pictures, from downloading to your PC, cataloguing and sharing.

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Online privacy and security

With the overwhelming technology around us, we often forget about our privacy. With so many devices we use every day without knowing how much information we are sharing about ourselves.

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Online Identity

There are many ways to present yourself on the internet. If you are a small business or family and you would like to have more control of your emails, or you’re just looking for a more professional look.


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Replacing computer parts

Installing new, broken or upgraded parts in your computer (PC, Mac, Laptop).

Wifi settings and troubleshooting

Connecting a new device to an existing wifi network or wired network, such as pet camera/ home camera, etc.

Recovery data from multimedia cards

Recovering pictures from your card or hard drive after accidental delete or format.


Connecting smart tv, multimedia systems

Setting up your smart tv or multimedia system.

Fixing windows based computers

When you computer is getting slow or becomes infected or just not working properly.

Gaming computers

Are you looking for a different experience, or console gaming is just not enough?

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