Digital Workshop

The aim of this workshop is not teaching you how to take a better picture or how to be a better photographer!

I will show you how to operate your camera and how to process all your pictures, from downloading to your PC, cataloguing, sharing, and explaining how important it is to backup all your pictures and how to work with professional software like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Not sure what camera to choose, are you confused by salesmen and technical specifications. I will advise what type of camera I think will best suit your needs with clear explanations of the differences between DSLR and mirrorless. You can even try one. Below is an example of the topics the class will cover.


  • Get familiar with your camera
  • Downloading pictures to your device or computer
  • Processing and cataloguing pictures
  • How to backup all photos and videos
  • Introduction to Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Printing and sharing your memories, or getting feedback from others


Get Started

Online Identity

There are many ways to present yourself on the internet. If you are a small business or family and you would like to have more control of your emails, or you’re just looking for a more professional look. I will guide you and help you set up your own personalised email and website. There are many ways how to get yourself online but it can be time-consuming. I will help you save time and put you on the right track.


  • how to buy your own domain name (web address/email)
    • where to register
    • how to pick the best package for you
    • how to renew your domain
  • personal email address (myemail@myuniquename.co.uk)
    • unique family email address
    • setting up your computer and all mobile devices
    • how to deal with spam and infected emails
  • how to pick your own hosting (place to live) for web pages and emails
    • install and setup your own website
    • edit and update website
  • setting up social profiles
    • facebook, twitter, google+, etc.
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